Saturday, April 7, 2012


I just had this thought this morning and I know I am a little late on everything, but I wanted to make a little post about Easter. Growing up, I always knew that the true meaning for the season was on Christ and His resurrection, but I usually focused on the worldly, commercial aspect of it all. I mean seriously, who doesn't love Cadbury eggs? :) But as I have been on my mission and as I have devoted my time and attention to learning more and teaching others more about Jesus Christ, I am more excited than ever for this Easter season. I am excited for the opportunity to this year focus my attention on the One who made so many things possible. Because of Him, we can be forgiven for our sins; because of Him, we can live with our Father in Heaven again; and at this Easter season, we focus on the truth that because of Jesus Christ, we can all live again in perfected, whole, complete, resurrected bodies. As someone who has such physical limitations, it is an exciting and comforting thought to know that my struggles are only for a little while and that because of Jesus Christ, I will one day have a perfect body. What peace it is to know that!

There are so many things I wish to say on this matter of Jesus Christ and His resurrection, but I don't think anybody would read such a long post! :) So I will do my best to condense all of my thoughts. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I know that He lived a perfect life and was treated in a manner that He didn't even somewhat deserve. I know that He was crucified and, just as He Himself prophesied, rose from the tomb. He is my Savior and He is your Savior. The words of a familiar church hymn come to mind, "Oh, sweet the joy this sentence gives: I know that my Redeemer lives!"

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  1. I have seen this video a few times this weekend and it is absolutely amazing. I think the world wants us to focus on the fluffy side of Easter with all the bunnies and candy, but your post is an excellent reminder as to what we really need to focus on... on Easter and every day we give thanks.